Our Culture

We’re a bunch of passionate doers, thinkers, and makers

Meet the Genzeon family. We use innovation and creativity to perfectly align solutions with our clients’ business priorities.


We are seasoned experts with a deep understanding of technology, digitalization, and innovation

Our knowledge extends beyond the basic “nuts and bolts” of technology. Our technocrats understand the challenges and needs of the modern, competitive business landscape. With our expertise, our clients can transform their digital strategies to remain competitive and find success.


Core Values

Human Connection

We are foremost a technology company— but we are powered by our people. Our people are clients, partners, and employees, each with their unique needs. We thrive working together as a team: collaboratively. The best decisions are made in unison, neither as a committee or in isolation. Only by building true, honest connections together can we achieve the highest success.

Inclusive values:
  • Customer Focus
  • Collaboration
  • Team Spirit
  • Authenticity


In building true human connections, we can create honest accountability. We are expected to do as we say and expect the same of our peers and our partners. We respect each other’s differences, opinions, processes, and time. A house divided may fall – but one that is united in purpose with transparency of action can create wonderful things.

Inclusive values:
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Transparency


By building connections and being accountable for our actions, we can ultimately empower our network.  We empower our clients to deliver exceptional experiences and we empower our employees to improve themselves, training and upskilling for their entire career. This empowerment fuels a virtuous cycle of commitment and excellence, driving continual improvement of ourselves, our relationships, and our outcomes.

Inclusive values:
  • Commitment
  • Excellence
  • Continual Improvement
  • Transparency

Together, We Build Better

We believe that when the perfect role meets the perfect teammate,
work does not seem like work – it becomes fun. So if you find that
teamwork, inventiveness, being a self-starter and logical reasoning
are what make you you; we invite you to come, join our team.

Join our team


Intelligences – From Yesterday to
Today to Tomorrow

Glimpses from ZEST – The Zelis Fest

Zest, the Zelis fest, was a fantastic event that included the US and India teams meeting, award presentations, and lots of teambuilding fun, followed by a delicious dinner and drinks. It’s always great to see some of the young talent come forward to meet and engage with the leadership team from both Genzeon and Zelis.

This was the perfect opportunity for our employees to have meaningful conversations, laughter, and connect on a personal level. Zest is all about bringing people together to create a better future.

Genzeon is extremely happy to partner with Zelis in building their global delivery center for the Build-Operate-Transfer model.