Operational and Clinical Optimization Platform

HIP One Dashboard - health intelligence platform showing HIP Clinical module


Increased Productivity of Clinical
and Business Operation Teams*

 *  Averaged Results from Client Use Cases as of 1/1/2024

Key Modules of HIP One

HIP Clinical

The HIP Clinical module is a secure, scalable interoperability solution for clinical decision support, care management, utilization management, and risk adjustment.

Major function areas of the module include:

  • Clinical Interoperability
  • Clinical Summarization
  • Medical Review
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Medical Review function from HIP Clinical module

HIP Operations

HIP Operations streamlines and optimizes healthcare processes, such as patient care, administrative tasks, resource management, and financial operations through intelligent data extraction.

Major functions of HIP Operations include:

  • Document History
  • Medical Bill Review & Worksheet
  • Medical Record Request
  • Medicare Analytics
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Medicare Analytics function from HIP Operations module

HIP Connect

HIP Connect is the platform’s conversational extraction feature, powered by generative AI.

Major functions of HIP Connect include:

  • Interactive Document
  • Business Intelligence
  • Logsifters
HIP One module UI sample - HIP Connect showing gen AI responding to questions about benefits document

Interactive Document function from HIP Connect module

Value to Healthcare Organizations

Increased Revenue

HIP One can scale to increase the volume of claims, documents, and other data that an organization needs, raising the potential revenue opportunity.

Saved Time

HIP One modules use automation and AI tools to speed up manual processes, allowing organization to focus on more strategic priorities.

Improved Accuracy

With audit records and confidence scales, HIP One can ensure better results with the ability to review records.

Secured Data

Using the full protection of Microsoft Azure services and zero-storage on PHI, HIP One allows healthcare data to be safe and secure.

Case Study

Digital Transformation of ROI Business

Faced with regulatory and business pressures, our client sought a digitally native ROI platform to reduce costs, boost flexibility and revenues while seamlessly integrating across analog processes. In this case study, we demonstate the value that was created for our ROI customer and the technical strategy to make it work using core HIP One technologies.

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