Medicare Analytics

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Empower your health plan journey with Genzeon’s revolutionary AI-powered data analytics solutions. Tailored specifically for health insurance companies, our advanced technology, powered by HIP One, provides invaluable insights into Plan D and Plan C measures, along with other crucial factors influencing your ratings.

Our solution goes beyond conventional analytics, offering actionable recommendations to enhance specific areas and elevate your overall plan rating. Visualize complex data effortlessly, fostering an intuitive understanding and enabling swift identification of effective solutions. Our technology platform is combined with consultative industry expertise to ensure actionable results.

Plans can lose out on $40M for falling just a handful of records short in one measure

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Medicare Analytics Functionality


Overall Star Rating Overview

Provides a high-level summary of the plan’s overall star rating.

Competitor Benchmarking

Allows comparison of the plan’s star ratings with competitors.


Measure Performance

Focuses on detailed performance for each individual measure.


Member Experience and Satisfaction

Highlights aspects related to member experience and satisfaction.


Quality Improvement Initiatives

Tracks the progress of ongoing quality improvement initiatives.

Financial Implications

Illustrates the financial implications of star ratings on reimbursements.

Member Health Outcomes

Focuses on measures related to member health outcomes and clinical effectiveness.


Compliance Monitoring

Monitors compliance with CMS guidelines and other regulatory requirements.

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