Service – HealthCare
Innovative services and solutions
to reduce costs, streamline
operations, increase provider
productivity, and improve patient
care and satisfaction

Healthcare IT is our passion, and it
shows. Providers, payers and healthcare
technology companies of all sizes and
specialties rely on Genzeon’s industry
expertise to develop and optimize solutions
that deliver results.

Advancing Healthcare through

Genzeon is a trusted name in healthcare IT. We understand how technology intersects with the functional, regulatory, and technical complexities in the healthcare and insurance industries. This unique perspective helps deliver results that exceed expectations.


Integrate with providers,
HIEs, and other partners,
leverage analytics and AI
for deeper insights that
improve your bottom line.


Integrate clinical systems,
develop applications and
workflows to improve
operations, and increase
patient and clinician


Develop new web or mobile
applications, integrate with
EMRs and other applications,
and increase speed to market
for new features.

Genzeon Healthcare IT Solutions - cyber futuristic healthcare cross inside of blue UI


Data Integration &

Accelerate Data Exchange for
Improved Care and Operations

Rapidly integrate clinical or business systems
using secure, standards-based solutions, including
FHIR, HL7 2.x, CDA, X12, and custom APIs. Migrate
data from legacy clinical systems or to a data
warehouse using Genzeon tools and expertise.

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Cloud Enablement

Improve Application and
Infrastructure Scalability

Scale quickly and efficiently to meet increasing
demands without the overhead of local data centers,
hardware, or staff. Provide secure access for both
on-site and remote team members, with improved
business continuity.

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Analytics and
Data Science

See the Big Picture and Identify
Actionable Insights

Analytics platforms with flexible reporting and
ad hoc query capabilities on standardized data sets
integrated from multiple source systems. Genzeon can
provide dashboards, basic analytics, and AI-enabled,
in-depth insights.

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Genzeon brings deep technical expertise and industry
experience to cultivate fast, meaningful progress towards
digital health strategy

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Deep Functional

Genzeon leadership has over 100 years of
collective experience in healthcare and
insurance IT, and our team members have a
passion for improving healthcare through



Genzeon is one of the earliest adopters
of azure-enabled cloud technology. We have
grown alongside and aided cloud advancement,
developing smart workarounds for a smooth cloud



Genzeon leverages application development,
database management, networking and cybersecurity,
along with our industry expertise, to develop
innovative solutions that exceed expectations.


Proven End-to-end

Genzeon uses industry-leading best
practices to ensure the projects are
on-time, on-scope, and on-budget. Our
dedicated team makes the process as
seamless and stress-free as possible.

Regulatory Compliance

Let Genzeon help you stay compliant with ever-changing
state, federal, and industry regulations.


See how Genzeon
can help you with innovative
technical solutions.