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Secure, Compliant, and
Cost-effective Cloud
Solutions for better
Healthcare connectivity

Genzeon with our advanced Cloud technology
helps Healthcare institutions and their
ancillaries reduce operational costs, meet
HIPAA standards and compliance, and become
scalable. Productivity and efficiency in
patient processing are improved, as crucial
patient information becomes accessible and
malleable with integrated Cloud Solutions.

Addressing Healthcare
Operational Challenges.

Genzeon’s Cloud offerings can make your healthcare infrastructure more resilient, patient-centric, and data-driven. We enforce scalable computing power with Azure’s Cloud Enablement tools. Reduced overheads, reduced physical infrastructure, better security all lead to high-value ROI. There is improved connectivity, accessibility, and data that significantly improve patient care through rapid Cloud adoption.


Healthcare delivered without delay with Genzeon’s
Cloud Capabilities

Genzeon’s experienced team of Cloud Professionals makes your journey
from in-house IT to Cloud infrastructure seamless, secure, and agile.

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Cloud Assessment and Advisory services

Genzeon gives you clarity on your existing application stack and assesses how cloud-ready you are. We develop a tailored, strategic cloud framework that works towards making data migration and management painless.

The Cloud architecture is mapped to adhere to HIPAA and other Healthcare compliance regulations. We help you choose between public, private, or hybrid cloud hosting to suit your needs. We incorporate cloud governance strategy, security, privacy, and data quality controls throughout the entire migration roadmap planning.


Secure Cloud Migration

Be it is a simple Lift and Shift, or the complex Re-Platforming, and Refactoring, we understand the high-risk implications that come with Electronic Health Records. We design robust and foolproof Cloud migration strategies based on the destination environment and business requirements.

Genzeon focuses on safe data migration protected by multiple security protocols configure for security and compliance requirements to minimize data contamination and leaks during migration. To keep things running smoothly, we execute the migration with minimum downtime.


Cloud Data Management

Genzeon’s multifaceted Cloud Data management services offer complete scalability to Electronic Health data. We remove the cost impact of on-site data storage and associated overheads. The data is accessible in real-time to the relevant healthcare providers on the network.

The single point of access retains your data quality, maintained by access restrictions. The data is kept intact with periodic backups, and other fail-safes. With efficient and native Cloud applications we ensure effective data visualization and transformation.

Simplified Cloud Enablement
with Genzeon

Genzeon ensures that all critical functions of healthcare
service providers are up and running with minimal delay and
interruptions when transitioning to Cloud. We help you acquire
a much dynamic, scalable, and flexible work environment with
Cloud implementation.

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Complete assessment of existing physical IT
infrastructure and migration roadmap.



Development of Cloud Architecture – Databases,
Applications, Middleware, etc.…



Implementation of migration with a rapid
turnaround for minimal work disruptions.



Continued 24×7 post-migration Support services
for quick remediation and data retrieval.

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upgrading your healthcare
IT infrastructure.

Genzeon’s Health Cloud

With Genzeon’s innovative work in Cloud enablement, our clients are
entitled to the full Cloud potential.

  • Non-disruptive rapid Migration
  • Streamlined multi-location Operations
  • Streamlined multi-location Operations
  • Best in class TCO with high ROI
  • Flexible SLA’s & Pay as you need packages