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Our Health+Care philosophy influences our technology
and fortifies healthcare transformation

Advancing Healthcare through

Genzeon is a trusted name in healthcare IT. We understand how technology intersects with the functional, regulatory, and technical complexities in the healthcare and insurance industries. This unique perspective helps deliver results that exceed expectations.

Health Plans

Integrate with providers,
HIEs, and other partners,
leverage analytics and AI
for deeper insights that
improve your bottom line.

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Integrate clinical systems,
develop applications and
workflows to improve
operations, and increase
patient and clinician

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Health Tech

Develop new web or mobile
applications, integrate with
EMRs and other applications,
and increase speed to market
for new features.

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What is Health+Care?

Health+Care equally emphasizes health and care. Today, healthcare is reactive, not proactive. It focuses on the sick rather than staying healthy. Genzeon believes in a holistic approach that facilitates health and ease of care when sick. 

Enabling Process Change

Many aspects of healthcare are plagued with mature processes that are difficult to change—but change drives end-to-end value that raises you above the competition. Genzeon will guide you through process innovation to achieve valued change.


Genzeon aligns our success with yours, resulting in better care. We focus on outcomes, not deliverables—a business model we refer to as outcomes-as-a-service (OaaS). 

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Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Automation is not the only way to drive efficiency (it is a good way though). Efficiency starts with process innovation, optimization and then automation. Our proprietary methodology drives meaningful business outcomes.

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Digital Worker

Interoperability and Data Integration

Regardless of the source or destination, our Digital Workers enable real-time and batch data exchange to automate and streamline repetitive tasks typically done by the human workforce, such as prior authorization and document collection.

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Security, Privacy, and Compliance

Privacy and Security is Paramount

While we want to make Health+Care simpler and easy to use, it should never come at the cost of your data. CompliancePro Solutions, a Genzeon company, assesses your risk and automates the major time-consuming tasks performed by your compliance team, allowing your staff to focus on proactive steps to reduce privacy and security risks throughout the organization.

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Cloud Enablement

Cloud Enablement

Accessibility is a key differentiator in the modern workplace, and cloud enablement has opened the doors to clinical and operational connectivity in healthcare. When combined with our expertise, Microsoft Azure allows enterprises to leverage tools and technologies they can trust to ease the transition to cloud.

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Global Delivery Model

Business Agility is Key

It is truly a mandate to be agile to survive in this ever-changing environment. Genzeon’s capabilities with a global delivery model allows your business to scale and grow at your terms with round the clock support.

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Regulatory Compliance

Let Genzeon help you stay compliant with ever-changing
state, federal, and industry regulations.


Advancing Healthcare Through
the 3E Model


We use our experience from every level of the value chain to educate the health community. We will help you reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes with our insight and offerings.


Deliver a better experience for your employees and patients. We help you simplify and fortify patient engagement while coordinating care between providers and payers—all with high-level privacy, compliance, and security.


Empower your patients. We can remove obstacles and provide you with solutions that will empower your patients, helping them preserve physical, mental, and financial health.

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