HIP Operations

Business Operations Innovated

Traditionally, business operations have centered on cost control, though this limits true business model innovation. We view this as both a challenge and opportunity to use operations as a driver for transformative business evolution.

Key Features of HIP Operations

Medical Bill Review

Medical Bill Review is a crucial step in the healthcare reimbursement process to ensure the accuracy and integrity of billing information. It involves reviewing and validating various data elements within a medical claim to verify that the billed services and charges align with the actual services rendered and the patient’s insurance coverage. Data verification helps prevent claim denials, delays in reimbursement, and potential fraud, while also ensuring fair and appropriate reimbursement for healthcare providers.

This HIP One feature uses automation to minimize human errors that can occur during manual data entry and review. By relying on advanced algorithms and AI technologies, the chances of coding errors, inaccuracies, and billing discrepancies are greatly reduced.

Medical Bill Review function from HIP Operations module

Medical Record Request from HIP Operations module

Medical Record Request

Medical record requests play a vital role in promoting patient-centered care, improving clinical decision-making, enhancing communication, and advancing medical research. Medical records data extraction is the process of extracting relevant information from patient medical records.

HIP Operations allows to extract accurate information from patient medical records which helps providers, healthcare organizations. By automating the process of data entry, reducing errors, improving compliance, and enhancing decision-making, medical record extraction can help to improve the efficiency, quality, and safety of care.

Medicare Analytics

Empower your health plan journey with Genzeon’s revolutionary AI-powered data analytics solutions. Tailored specifically for health insurance companies, our advanced technology, powered by HIP One, provides invaluable insights into Plan D and Plan C measures, along with other crucial factors influencing your ratings.

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Medicare Analytics function from HIP Operations module

Value to Healthcare Organizations

Increased Revenue

HIP One can scale to increase the volume of claims, documents, and other data that an organization needs, raising the potential revenue opportunity.

Saved Time

HIP One modules use automation and AI tools to speed up manual processes, allowing organization to focus on more strategic priorities.

Improved Accuracy

With audit records and confidence scales, HIP One can ensure better results with the ability to review records.

Secured Data

Using the full protection of Microsoft Azure services and zero-storage on PHI, HIP One allows healthcare data to be safe and secure.


Advancing Healthcare Connectivity with FHIR: HIP One Interoperability

Efficient and seamless flow of medical data across healthcare systems is crucial for healthcare providers to have a comprehensive view of a patient’s health journey. HIP Clinical, a module of Genzeon’s HIP One platform, addresses this need by offering an interoperable solution for Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs).

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