Information Technology

Consulting Services

Flexible and innovative agile solutions
for technology forward organizations

Genzeon delivers industry-specific technology solutions
that have been the key to unlocking the vast potential
for revenue generation, workplace efficiency, and delivering
a better customer experience. Using nearshore consulting,
staff augmentation, data science, and targeted product
development, we create cross platform applications and
integrated systems.

No Business Is Too Small
for Genzeon’s Technological

Since 2009, Genzeon has helped businesses of all sizes scale their
operations with our current and relevant technological solutions.
Our principles are directed at creating sustainable, front and
back-end work environments that are driven by technology,
to show steady progress in size and project outcomes.









Azure MSP

Microsoft certified Azure
managed service provider for
capitalizing on Azure potential

With a powerful array of tools from Microsoft Azure and other
allied Microsoft products, Genzeon adds a new dimension to the
term managed service provider. We are a Microsoft Azure
cloud solution provider and gold partner, actively engaged in
solving operational hurdles.
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Professional Services

Cross vertical and cross-industry
resourcing and technological consulting

Genzeon offers you the best in blended infrastructure, cost-cutting,
and cross utilization of internal resources, with our strategic
resourcing capabilities. We identify, train, and deploy technical
personnel on demand, for projects, and as permanent staffing,
with a high retention rate.
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Microsoft COE

Benefit from the collective
expertise of Genzeon’s Microsoft
center of excellence

Genzeon offers you the best of local, regional, national, and global
technology talent through the Microsoft center of excellence.
It helps us bring innovation in automation, data management, and
security that is aligned to the actionable outcomes of your organization.
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Bring your entire customer
relationship management pipeline
onto one platform

Genzeon, along with salesforce, gives you complete-cover customer service
technology solutions that can be customized and scaled to your requirements.
We deliver personalized customer UI/UX while simultaneously improving
collaboration of marketing, sales, commerce, and IT teams.
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Protect digital assets with
high-end cybersecurity measures
for risk-free operation

With Genzeon’s expert digital security consultants, ensure that all
your data is protected using cost-effective, but highly powerful
security measures. We identify and assess threats, evaluate their
impact, and help you respond with rapidly implementable solutions.
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360-degree lifecycle management
from ideation to deployment
of applications

Genzeon believes in supplementing innovation in application development
with security enhancements. Our expertise is in developing low latency,
high availability applications that are responsive, and are custom-made
to meet the industry-specific compliances and requirements.
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By partnering with Genzeon & Microsoft,
your organization can

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Maximize Microsoft
Investments to get the most out of your license entitlements, and Microsoft 365 subscriptions, unlocking newfound value and opportunities for innovation with Azure, Microsoft Teams, office apps, and dynamics 365.
Establish Cloud Governance
With the Genzeon Microsoft Center of excellence, which puts guard rails around data, and app innovation and aids in delivering initiatives consistently through standard processes, by a competent and experienced team.
Embrace Zero Trust
Security models that verify explicitly, use least privileged access, and assume breach, so that every access request regardless of origin is authenticated, authorized, and the data is completely encrypted before transfer.
Make Better and Faster Decisions
With applications and workflows that process, disseminate, and focus essential information efficiently, giving your stakeholders valuable insights that benefit the business from a cost-efficiency and productivity perspective.

Powerful Partners that
Enable Genzeon


Why Genzeon
for Microsoft CSP

Genzeon is a certified Microsoft gold partner and has the best TCO offerings among our peer service providers. Choosing us gives you privileged access to various Microsoft products and enhanced license entitlements.

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Proven Microsoft
Expertise – 5X Microsoft
Gold Competencies


Singular focus on
Microsoft Azure since
company inception in 2009


Singular service
provider and hosting
for holistic cloud technology


Microsoft certified
partner with a collective
experience of 9 years


Working with the most
preferred public cloud
for enterprises


Deep domain expertise
with industry application

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Frequently Asked Questions

The clouds themselves are generally more secure than most private data centers. Cloud infrastructure providers also offer tools and architectural options to isolate workloads, encrypt data and detect potential threats. The process to secure a cloud environment is different from more traditional data center practices, so cloud adoption requires a learning curve for IT teams. Unauthorized access to resources is the most common cloud security threat; many high-profile exposures of sensitive data resulted from misconfigurations. Genzeon helps you combat all that and train your employees to do the same.

Virtually any workload can move to the cloud, but not all of them should. Large, monolithic applications that run constantly, with relatively consistent and predictable loads, are often more cost-effective on-premises. Also, highly-regulated enterprises tend to keep applications and sensitive data in their private data centers due to governance and data security concerns.

An organization can move an application as-is to the cloud, but that's typically not the best option. Genzeon’s cloud migration will reevaluate your IT architecture and identify greater efficiencies. An application can be broken into microservices to take advantage of the service-based approach of IaaS. Alternatively, a move to PaaS or SaaS can offload undifferentiated heavy lifting.

Yes, we highly recommend that you begin by launching the simplest possible version of your vision first and continue to adapt it over time. This staged approach is called launching a "minimum viable product" (MVP).

The idea behind launching an MVP is that you’ve inevitably made assumptions, and you can’t test these assumptions until you release something to the world. By releasing a lean first version, you can test your assumptions and use this information to decide on the priorities of future requirements. It reduces engineering waste.

We follow both Waterfall and Agile approach as suits the organization or project at hand. The AGILE process is far more flexible than a waterfall approach: it allows drastic changes to the project according to your business needs and changing requirements. With AGILE you identify an approximate direction that you want your site or app to go in (product roadmap) but you don’t define it all upfront. Instead, you work in repeated one-month (or less) cycles called a Sprint. At the start of each sprint, you agree on the work that will be completed in that period, and how success looks.

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