AWS Cloud Services

Our AWS cloud solutions are designed to help
businesses of all sizes meet their computing
needs with ease, flexibility, and security.

Create an infinite intelligent space on public,
private, or hybrid cloud, that promotes a
sustainable work culture with minimal paperwork
and enhanced telecommuting opportunities.

AWS Select Partner

Genzeon provides scalable computing power with AWS’ cloud enablement tools. Reduced overheads, reduced physical infrastructure, better security all lead to high-value ROI. There is improved connectivity, accessibility, and data visibility that takes every business to an enterprise-class platform. Smoothen out operational wrinkles, and improve efficiency by going cloud.

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Go Global with Cloud

Genzeon helps take your business global with cloud.
Engage with remote teams from anywhere across the world on
a unified platform. Share and develop in real-time, as
collaboration becomes easier than ever. Cloud-based services
are also deployed faster, keeping you in business with
minimal disruption to your network.

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Become Cloud-Ready with
Genzeon’s Capabilities

Fast-track your cloud journey with a comprehensive strategy and
implementation with Genzeon’s AWS capabilities.

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Strategic Cloud

Genzeon gives you clarity on your existing infrastructure and assesses how cloud-ready you are. We develop a strategic cloud architecture that works towards making the data migration and management painless. Get the perfect end-to-end cloud experience and leverage the cloud platform for better performance.


Secure Cloud

Be it is a simple lift and shift or the complex re-platforming and refactoring, we understand the intricacies of data security associated with cloud migration and data storage. Genzeon focuses on safe data migration protected by multiple security protocols like data encryption, firewalls, and access controls.


Cloud Data

Our multifaceted cloud data management services offer complete scalability to the client’s data. It also removes the cost impact of on-site data storage and associated overheads. The single point of access retains your data quality, maintained by access restrictions. The data is kept intact with periodic backups and other fail-safes.


AWS Services

  • AWS Service Delivery
  • AWS Marketplace
  • AWS Cloud Hosting
  • AWS Medical Comprehend
  • AWS API Marketplace
  • Cloud Native Web App Development
  • Cloud Native Mobile Development
Case Study

AWS Clinical Operations Strategic Transformation

Client had significant data gaps, resulting in subpar performance, inefficient processes, and financial loss. Genzeon deployed HiP platform on AWS preparing the FHIR API standardization and interface agreements. Postimplementation, Genzeon continues to monitor the performance of the clinical operations solution.


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