Service – Technology – Security
Physical, operational, and
cloud infrastructure controls
for enhanced data protection
on a unified security
management system

Our clients possess and process a large
volume of sensitive data, making this
our highest priority. Genzeon’s Azure
security services operate on a shared
responsibility model and extend the full
range of the operational life cycle.

Optimizing Security Costs

Genzeon combines our industry expertise with Azure
applications to reduce overheads associated with security
measures and improve the overall effectiveness.
Azure serves the needs of businesses of all sizes,
with cost-effective packages with customized accountability,
efficiency, alerting, and action based on your needs.


Anything is
Possible with

Save on Overheads and Improve
Efficiency with Azure Security

It gives you the flexibility to scale up and down as per your operational security needs.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):
Ensure zero data leakage, complete and agile compliance, and maximum protection.

Platform and Software as a Service (PaaS & SaaS):
Cost-effective scaling and deployment of technology by simplifying internal security processes.

Storage and Databases:
Extended security solutions with virtual machines, managed databases, and storage offerings.

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Secure your Business
with Genzeon’s Capabilities

Genzeon develops extraordinary security protocols and policies
that are implemented with the help of Azure security applications.

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Performance Audits

Get an in-depth performance audit of your existing security protocols and infrastructure, using a custom-built network monitoring tool. We curate detailed reports of security gaps, potential cyber risks, and any compliance deviations. At Genzeon we audit and recommend the critical measures needed to patch security issues.


Data Protection

AI and machine learning facilitate automation in managed security services. The intelligent system is built to recognize and alert the relevant personnel to potential security threats. Protect and recover mission-critical data, and monitor incoming data traffic through Genzeon’s customized security programming.



Information in industries like healthcare, e-commerce, banking, etc. is highly regulated. With sensitive information at play, Genzeon gives you full disclosure on the requisite compliance protocols. We develop the necessary apps, software, and cloud infrastructure to meet the standards set for the data security and storage formats.


Security Review
and Remediation

Genzeon develops custom applications to aid organizational data security. Post the set-up of the new security infrastructure, the custom application works on reviewing and remediating security gaps on an agile basis to ensure maximum competency. AI-enabled applications also pave the way for auto-remediation.

Benefits of

Genzeon’s Security Infrastructure

  • Cloud Delivered : The requisite security features are delivered over the cloud, which enables faster testing and deployment of new features.
  • Cross-platform Security : The security services are enabled for cross-platform implementation, even on third-party applications and on-prem infrastructure.
  • Flexible Controls : Our security services are entirely flexible with auto alerts, auto-remediation, and role-based access controls.
  • Superior Customer Service : Closing security gaps is crucial to fostering superior customer relationships and maintaining operational integrity.

Digital security is an assurance
with Azure



Automatic detection within Azure network
to prevent DDoS attacks.



Automated monitoring and profiling of
traffic to detect and deflect threats.



Control and restrict access based
on time, hierarchy, device, or file.



Get access from anywhere in the
world courtesy of Azure VPN.

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