Data Management

Future proof your data for
intelligent and scalable
business performance

Genzeon’s user-friendly applications developed
for data management ensure accuracy, consistency,
accountability, and optimized use of your data
within the bounds of regulations and policy. With
our expertise in SQL servers, we can develop
applications that can manage massive data estates
with ease.


Data Migration and

We perform simple lift and shifts or complex
refactoring’s depending on the existing digital
infrastructure to assimilate the data from all
sources into a unified on-prem or cloud platform.
The applications enable interoperability between
the front-end apps, and the database servers, and
even connect multiple locations to a single data


Data Storage and

The application data is stored on a single
virtual repository that is secured by the
bulkhead patterned security approach to keep
data quality pristine. Access is restricted
by segmentation firewalls, and the security
policy is zero-trust. The system is set for
periodic backups that ensure no data is lost
and the end-user experience continues undisrupted.


Data Analytics and

Genzeon develops intelligent applications
that put your data to work for you. They
can extract critical information and
manipulate it for custom data visualizations.
The applications are robust enough to format
the data for compliance regulations. They can
run predictive analytics based on statistical
models to make your organization future-proof.

Genzeon’s Experts are Proficient in Multiple Platforms
that Streamline your Day-to-day Data Management


Benefits of Genzeon’s
Data Management Applications

Genzeon empowers your organization through powerful,
automated data processing capabilities.


Accelerated Data

Applications that move your data
across the digital warehouses
with minimal disruption to
everyday operations.


Increased Data

Improved data visibility and
availability through integrated
front-end applications and
database servers, both on-prem
and cloud.


Operate on Up to
Date Platform

Microsoft Azure SQL is always
up to date and is at 99.99%
availability at all times.
Operate on an evergreen SQL
that frees you from backend tasks.


Hybrid Data management

Reduced Operational Costs and
Real-time Operational Efficiencies

Genzeon brings to you hybrid data management solutions that ensure
seamless connectivity, integration, and customer experiences.

High-performance, scalable transactional processing with query optimization.
Perform analytics over on-prem, cloud, and integrated infrastructure.
Store and query structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Begin your data
transformation journey
with us.

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