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Offshore and near shore
professional services capabilities
to augment your technical

Genzeon offers professional services that can
help you supplement your workforce, with the
right technical aid. As a complex organization,
you might find yourself without the correct
resources to manage your operations or a
particular niche project. This is where we step
in, in a consulting capacity, or staff you with
subject-matter experts as per your requirements.

Professional Services
Tackle Modern Day Problems
with Updated Resources

Genzeon boasts of a carefully curated team of subject matter experts in all ITES capabilities. Our candidates are chosen from a diverse portfolio and quickly turned around to meet client requirements. But our uniqueness is not in the extensive database of individuals we possess, but in our closed-loop, lifecycle management approach. The Genzeon team also steps in as consultants where our unique expertise is required to remove operational bottlenecks.


As part of our professional services, Genzeon gives you access to a wide range of deliverables that are solution and outcome based.


We source the right subject matter experts
to augment your staff to meet your
operational needs. We bring cost-effective
staff augmentation with cross-utilization of
internal resources.

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Get the right help at the right time with
Genzeon’s experts who harness the power
of technology to accelerate your growth
through innovation and better decision

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Broad Spectrum of Expertise

At Genzeon, be it assigning resources in-house or on a Consultant basis,
we add value in every aspect of your project lifecycle and organizational hierarchy.

Microsoft Products

Expertise in all Microsoft products and updates.


Secure cloud migration, storage, and integration.


Gap analysis, design, development, and deployment.


Data security, regulatory compliance, and standards development.


Seamless communication across on-prem and cloud networks.

Professional Services Partner

Genzeon is always up to tackle challenges with a technically sound collaboration of subject matter experts.

  • 9 years of ITES experience
  • 360-degree Lifecycle management
  • In-house core competency in multiple industries
  • Best in class TCO with high ROI
  • Experience in multi-industry GRC

The real secret is connecting the right
skill to the right place at the right time.
And we do it good!

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