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Enterprise efficiency and
visibility with automated
business processes powered
by salesforce

Salesforce has been instrumental in upping the customer
management game worldwide. Over 150,000 companies, both big and
small utilize salesforce to boost their business through enhanced
internal networking and customer communication. Not only is it built
to be easy for novice users, but it is also compliant with
international cloud security regulations and is entirely flexible
for customization.

Increase Efficiency with
Automated Business Modules

Salesforce is the world’s largest customer relationship management platform. Genzeon partnered with salesforce, enabling you to provide exemplary customer experience from anywhere. The salesforce module unifies your marketing, sales, accounting, and IT teams, effectively streamlining your conversion pipeline.


Genzeon enforces the full strength and potential of salesforce to fully automate your customer-centric departments, to deliver effortless and high-impact customer experiences.


Genzeon provides customized
Salesforce implementation
for businesses of all sizes.


There is a rising demand for
scalable integration
architecture across business
applications and processes.


As part of the implementation process, Genzeon offers extensive customization across the salesforce modules.


Salesforce is also equipped
for product development,
which Genzeon uses to its
full advantage.

Strategic Advantage of

Genzeon’s Salesforce Implementation

Open unlimited opportunities by partnering with
Genzeon for your salesforce implementation.

Access to 5000+ Apps

Access to over 5000 applications
to address each of your business
needs individually standard.

Automated Lead

Automated lead generation, assignment,
and follow-through for zero lead leakage.

Automated Business

Bring all your customer-centric
departments into an automated,
unified platform.

Seamless Customer

Enable seamless end-to-end
customer service for a
comfortable buying experience.

Be Data
Ready Always

Access and manipulate all your
data from the comfort of a
single dashboard.

Go Mobile
with Salesforce

Get access to the custom salesforce
mobile application to engage leads
on the go.

Genzeon is your Ideal Salesforce Partner

Genzeon has a significant competitive advantage as a certified salesforce partner. With our experts from various backgrounds,
we offer industry-specific salesforce customisation.

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