Service – HealthCare – Data Integration and Interoperability
Integrated data to
facilitate clinical and
administrative communication
innovation with the best
in healthcare

Genzeon helps the healthcare industry to
embrace new technologies to better manage
the massive data estates through data
integration and interoperability. We
facilitate the easy and low latency electronic
data interchange and communication between
various healthcare stakeholders and systems.

Custom Data Integration
with Enterprise EMR Platforms

Genzeon provides custom data integration and interoperability services targeting major enterprise EMR platforms. Our key areas of focus in healthcare informatics are:

  • Ancillary systems (Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology, Pathology, Inventory)
  • Workflow integration across multiple systems
  • Medical device software
  • Provider and clinical user workflows
  • Mobile application development (iOS, Android, Windows)

Seamless Data Flow in Healthcare with
Genzeon Capabilities

Genzeon lets you collate and make sense of unstructured data and apply
the insights for actionable outcomes.

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Data Extraction and Transformation

Genzeon builds custom applications to address the unique requirements in data exchange in healthcare. With APIs, custom integrations, and direct data extracts, we mine the unstructured big data for useful information, which is stored and transformed into recognizable formats that meet industry and stakeholder standards and needs.

Compliance Formats

Genzeon has integrated applications from all major HIT vendors using both industry-standard HL7, X12, FHIR, and custom protocols for electronic data interchange. We can integrate data from any source, be it ADT, orders, results, documentation, or billing. We have experience with integration platforms like Corepoint, Intersyste, eGate, Cloverleaf, and eLink.

Support and Monitoring

Genzeon proactively monitors the interface, applications, and does troubleshooting on a continuous or on-need basis. We build self-monitoring and alerting features into the applications for potential performance issues. Our nearshore and offshore consultants provide round-the-clock virtual support to manage healthcare operations seamlessly.

Simplified Data Transactions
with Genzeon

Genzeon adds value to healthcare data by enabling user-friendly ETL solutions for effective transmission of data between different systems and data deployment to the stakeholders.

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Collate and bring together EHR/EMR data
from internal and external sources.


Identify and establish middleware or
connection to the destination system.


Convert the data to the required format
adhering to compliance standards.


Select the destination and securely stream
the data to that system.

Genzeon takes utmost
care of protecting
your data.

Genzeon’s Data Integration &
Interoperability Benefits

Genzeon is a pioneer in the healthcare and insurance IT field with a collective experience of over 100 years.

  • Increased data visibility and transformation
  • Easy collaboration with ancillaries and payers
  • Secure data transactions and data recovery
  • Complete GRC control and standards development

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