Retail Solutions

Accelerate conversion and growth with
a revolutionary stakeholder experience
fuelled by Genzeon technology

Elevate your customer experience.  Set an enterprise-wide digital protocol for superior performance. We deliver resources, insights, and the latest technologies to drive success at every stage of your digital transformation.

Agile, Omnichannel Channel



Secure sensitive medical data storage and automate order fulfilments.



Enhance customer UI/UX by streamlining backend retail operations.



Automated procurement pipelines & quality checks for operational ease.



Continuous communication and seamless customer service from check-in to check-out.



Cutting edge AI-powered user experiences for enhanced engagement.



Retail Launch Kit

Customized turnkey solutions
for rapid implementation
of new technology

Genzeon’s Retail Launch Kit solutions for the retail industry expedite
the implementation of new services and technology upgrades.
Our experts can build and rapidly deploy an end-to-end
solution for your growing retail enterprise, e-commerce website,
the point-of-sale system, order management, warehouse management,
finance, operations, and more.

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Retail IT

Influencing the retail
ecosystem with our cutting
edge enhancements

With our retail IT solutions you can achieve superior
performance at every stage of the retail pipeline,
from procurement to product delivery. We help convert data
insights into technological outcomes to support an integrated
experience for all stakeholder touchpoints.
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Measurable progress in key retail operations

We leverage our people, our processes, and cutting-edge technology to ensure
the success of your retail enterprise projects. Here are some of the ways
we can help your business grow.


Order Management

Expedite error-free multiple-order fulfillment with automated order lifecycle

  • Sterling store manager
  • Sterling GIS
  • Multi-brand, multi-tenant model
  • Service-oriented architecture

Order Management

and POS

E-Commerce and POS

Sustained customer engagement aimed at online and
O2O conversions

  • Customer engagement cloud services
  • Managing stock and price of the product
  • eCommerce
  • Omni channel (BOPIS, SFS, Ship-to-store)
Order Management



Data and application integration on one platform
for strategic omnichannel retail

  • POS eCommerce
  • Security integration
Order Management


Business Intelligence

Leverage data insights and predictive analytics
to optimize your everyday operations

  • Data analytics and smart dashboard view
  • Qlik focuses on ease of use
  • Benefits from using in-memory technology in business
  • Provides flexible and robust security provisions
Order Management


Warehouse Management

Have complete control of your entire inventory and
associated resources on one console

  • Labor management
  • Transportation execution
  • Inventory management
  • Cloud-based warehouse management
Order Management


Supply Chain

Smart, automated supply chains built to minimize
complexity and maximize delivery

  • SCM consulting
  • SCM implementation & upgradation
  • SCM integration
  • Development & customization
  • Data migration
  • SCM testing & support
Order Management

Tech Partners

Powerful Partners that
Enable Genzeon

Building smart retail environments that respond to stakeholder need.

In-store & Digital

Understand, respond to, and create
personalized multi-channel customer
experiences that drive greater
engagement and conversions.

Supply Chains

Use visibility and analytics to
build end-to-end supply chains
that can react to customer demand,
inventory, and supplier fluctuations.

Common Data

Structure siloed data into data
warehouses, unlocking insights
that improve operations, drive
cost efficiencies, and evolve processes.

Customer Data

Safeguard highly sensitive
customer data and PII against
data breaches and cybersecurity
threats, with encryption
and gateway firewalls.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Stay current with changing
industry regulations, facilitate
SOC2, GDPR, and PCI compliance,
to successfully navigate audits.

Value Miners

Bring efficiency and optimization
across your application stack, and
business operations to deliver
the best cloud economics, and ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Genzeon has industry-specific experts from industries including but not restricted to Healthcare, Retail, and Financial Services. We have a combined expertise of over 100 years in the ITES of said industries. Not only do they act as effective facilitators between Genzeon and our clients, but they help us create industry-specific solutions that address your pain points. They are well equipped to understand and manipulate your data to improve your business.

There are 3 distinct Information Systems in Retail. Setting up a Retail POS, or complete Retail ERP usually includes all three systems, but you do have the choice to opt-out of systems and features that you may need. There is the Inventory Management System, Customer Relationship System, and the Accounting Information System. Accounting information systems are designed to support all accounting functions and activities including auditing, financial accounting & reporting, managerial/ management accounting, and tax. The most widely adopted accounting information systems are auditing and financial reporting modules.

According to the CDC, one out of four Americans has a disability. Retail businesses need to accommodate their needs to create the best customer experience by focussing on accessibility. Not just for those who have disabilities. For example, captions enable those with hearing impairments to understand what’s happening in a video. This same feature allows people to watch videos in both quiet and noisy environments. Technology brings such nuances to light and helps enforce them with ease, expanding your client base and conversions.

Groupware is a technology that provides support for work in a group. Using a combination of Cloud, application development, and networking, this technology is referred to as collaborative technology. This technology facilitates communication, cooperation, coordination, problem-solving, and negotiations among internal as well as with the external workgroup. Groupware is essential for all modern retail organizations for multiple locations to be on the same footing and create uniform customer experiences.

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