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DevOps & DevSecOps

Accelerated agility and
security to stay ahead
of the competition

DevOps has been the revolutionary technological
culture shift that started in 2009. Genzeon has
been one of the earliest adopters of DevOps, and
a significant contributor to the evolution of

Highly Flexible, Delivering
Scalable Applications

Using Kubernetes, Google’s production-ready open-source cluster management tool, we enable organizations to deliver applications and services, at a much faster pace. The operational system is highly flexible, delivering scalable applications for differential resource consumption. Your operations and development resources are no longer siloed and are tightly integrated.

DevSecOps Implementation Process

Genzeon’s systemic approach to application development helps us add value
to your business with automation and security.


Gather requirements and
create a roadmap for
application development.


Creating the applications
on the development platform
with a how-to approach.


Automated build tools
for test-driven development
and align the design to


Agile testing of the
front-end, back-end, API,
database across the full


Developing security checks
to identify and alert you of
performance issues.


Automated provisioning and
deployment using
infrastructure-as-code tools.


Monitoring of application
in live environment equipped
for rapid remediation.


Continuous functional
improvements to upgrade and
scale the applications.

Benefits of Genzeon’s DevSecOps

Genzeon’s collective expertise in Microsoft and other third-party tools helps build resilient and scalable applications.

Faster Project

Automated delivery line with
closed-loop integration to
enable faster project and
operational lifecycles.

Self Healing

The Kubernetes replication
controller self-heals, by
restarting containers that
are unresponsive.

Production like
Testing Environments

Testing environments are built
to mimic production
environments to test the
real-time performance
of applications.

DevOps & DevSecOps practices


The development, IT operations, QC, and security teams collaborate to speed up the project lifecycle.


We use open-source and proprietary tools to automate end-to-end software development and deployment.


Agile development practice that calls for the integration of all key stakeholders and infrastructure.


We configure testing environments as close to the production environment for shortened test cycles.


Improved release frequency facilitated by real-time monitoring of deployments, and rapid remediation.

Genzeon’s Experts are Proficient in Multiple Platforms that Accelerate and Automate your Application Development

Security & Automation with

DevOps software delivery models become DevSecOps when quality
assurance and security become the key focus of the DevOps teams.
Security being a distinct part towards the end of the development lifecycle
worked well for long-term projects.

At Genzeon we take a closed-loop approach by integrating security
along the full length of the lifecycle. We employ dynamic testing
to determine the strength of the applications in both staging and development
environments. DevSecOps also allows for faster automation with agile
development and security practices in both applications and infrastructure.

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