Retail IT Solutions

Create a seamless buying experience across all retail
touchpoints with Genzeon’s IT solutions

Genzeon helps improve consistency and reduce
latency in retail with our innovative IT
solutions. To keep up with the current market
demands, retailers need to create personalized
omnichannel experiences, with rapid response
capabilities. With streamlined technology
delivered via cloud, and the latest IIoT
capabilities, we can help you boost employee
and customer satisfaction.

Digital Transformation
with Genzeon

Genzeon’s retail IT solutions improve your competitive edge with scalable digital transformation. Our approach streamlines your supply chain with fully automated lifecycle management, while powerful analytics allow you to extract the maximum value from your informational assets. We can integrate all your disparate services onto one platform for consistent business processes. Whether it be a SaaS solution or a custom-built application tailored to your business-specific needs, Genzeon has robust technology solutions for your retail enterprise’s digital transformation.



Retail CRM

Everything you need is
at one place

Genzeon helps you understand and unify customer data in a central
hub, empowering your front-end employees to serve your customers better.
We employ dynamics 365 to give you the choice of having a standalone
application or using multiple CRM tools that work together to give you an
integrated solution. We develop retail CRM with a completely customizable
approach that is flexible to use for your employees and covers the needs of
the end customers.

Retail ERP

Customized ERP solutions For
every Industry

Integrate with various standalone modules on a tailored ERP and deploy
point of sale systems to facilitate end-to-end retail operations. Genzeon
uses dynamics 365 to personalize your retail ERP with business Apps, built
on Azure and integrated with office 365, and the Microsoft power platform.
The result is a custom platform and interface with powerful data processing,
automation, and insights to optimize your operating costs and modernize your

Retail Analytics

Simplified data for
decision making

Leverage data insights critical to marketing and supply chain decisions.
The data interpretations drive better conversions and customer experience.
We take your dark data from transactions, connected devices, and other sources
and glean tangible information from the raw data. Through predictive modeling,
we can anticipate and predict risks and opportunities. It directly impacts your
business operations and customer outcomes by keeping you abreast of your
performance and emerging trends.

Enterprise Application

All business solutions at
one platform

IT-enabled systems that standardize and integrate all the business applications
used in retail operations to be managed from a central console. Genzeon helps you
eliminate the inefficiencies of running multiple and distinct applications by
integrating them onto a single intelligent platform. The enterprise application
integration ensures data continuity with minimal human intervention. EAI is crucial
in closing the gap between the front end and back end of retail operations.

TIBCO as Middleware

Ease the flow of integration

State-of-the-art middleware from TIBCO to integrate operating systems with
your front-end applications to access and activate on-prem and cloud data.
It is a modified version of enterprise application integration, where you
can easily create, test, and deploy custom APIs. The TIBCO middleware eliminates
the complexities of integrating new IoT devices, data platforms, and of course,
applications. It results in a scalable platform that delivers your services faster
with bidirectional communication on web and mobile devices.

Industries Served

Genzeon caters to a multitude of industries with a special focus on creating retail IT solutions for the following.



Give end-users safe and reliable access
to medication with AI-enabled order fulfillment.


Enhance workflow and streamline supply
chain management for time-driven processes.



Offer customer-centric experiences with
minimum investment and maximum engagement.



Turnkey IT solutions for the apparel industry
from procurement to product dispatch.



User friendly and innovative web and mobile applications and software development.


Genzeon helps clients in the retail world maximize their potential
and engagement through innovative IT solutions.



Reduced operating costs with reduced
resources and overhead.



Affordable and scalable solutions
customized to your business needs.



Enhanced productivity that increases
return on investment.


User – Centric

End-user centric approach to
developing front end applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Omnichannel contact centers are here to stay, especially in the retail industry. Customers already hold retailers accountable for providing a seamless service across all of the channels that they constantly interact with. This means that support reps must be able to access complex customer information and purchase histories, regardless of the channel that the client used to communicate with your business originally. Genzeon helps you provide an omnichannel customer and employee experience to generate more leads and conversions.

The best mobile solutions are tailor-made to a specific business. Interestingly, most of the retailers’ focus has been on customer loyalty and essentially making the shopping experience more convenient. Nonetheless, mobile solutions can also increase the efficiency of retail stores. Genzeon works with you to create custom retail IT solutions that are spread across on-prem, Cloud, and Mobile infrastructure, where you can monitor and improve productivity, and sales.

Business Intelligence solutions help you better understand your customers, lead to better decision-making, help in optimization of internal processes, and streamline staff and customer interaction. Data is an asset that is crucial in customer-centric industries like retail. BI helps convert your data into a useful format that can be used to assess the brand, personalize the customer experience, and enable your employees to adapt quickly.

A Retail ERP’s key function is to simplify your business operations. The Retail ERP should be capable of providing an omnichannel marketing and shopping experience. It leads to overall operational efficiency. You can completely automate and manage your inventory digitally. It helps you get better control and visibility over your complete supply chain from procurement to product delivery, while removing redundancies and reducing the workload on human resources. Genzeon, creates custom Retail ERPs modeled for the unique requirements.

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